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Students from Tischner in Waterford, Ireland

From 22nd till 27th June, students from our school – Ania, Zosia and Natalia along with two
teachers took part in a trip to Waterford – a city on the south-eastern coast of Ireland. The trip
was part of the Erasmus+ project – Generations Cycling 4 Inclusion & Climate Action.
Each day was full of many different activities, such as Irish dance classes with dancers from
Caulfield Academy of Irish Dance and a trip to the Ballymaloe Cookery School, where
everyone had a chance to get to know the techniques of ecological planting and try the
dishes prepared by local cooks.
Another amazing opportunity to get to know Irish culture and history was a meeting with local
Viking culture enthusiasts, during which they presented the martial arts of these seasoned
warriors, their weapons, clothes, equipment and eating habits. Our students took part in
hand-to-hand combat, arousing admiration for their bravery and fighting spirit.
The participants of the trip also took part in an extraordinary artistic project –  they created a
huge project logo on the beautiful Copper Coast beach under the watchful eye of an artist
specializing in sand artworks. The whole creative process was documented with the time
lapse technique and a film shot by a drone.
Another creative challenge was an eco-fashion show – each group had to create an outfit for
at least one student from their team, dressing them from head to toe in clothes from local
second-hand shops. During the fashion show, we had the opportunity to see many great
outfits that showed us how easy it is to dress fashionably and ecologically, thus helping our
The participants of the trip, both young and slightly older, had the opportunity to test their
physical condition – they covered 46-kilometre distance by bike along the majestic Waterford
Greenway. During this trip, they had the opportunity to experience the true Irish weather and
admire the breathtaking views.
The whole stay in Waterford ended in the evening of June 27, when students presented their
artistic talents, such as playing the guitar, singing or dancing. Great atmosphere, wonderful
people and the beauty of nature will make this trip unforgettable for its participants.

Written by Joanna Dziwoki

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