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About Us


Making the World a Better Place For All of Us

With Your Help, We are Making The World a Better Place

Climate Action is one of our goals. Permaculture, tree plantation, allotments, cleaning our surroundings, circular economy, 0 kilometer food, sustainable habits…

Beach cleaning & Art Sand

What We Do

Climate Action

Vegetable gardens and tree nurseries, tree plantations, nature clean-ups and environment weeks.

Intergenerational relationships

“Cycling Without Age” (CWA) tricycles, rides and courses, walking and cycling intergenerational excursions and cooking workshops.

Urban Cycling Promotion

DIY bike repair workshops, cycling trails, etc.

Social Inclusion

Embelishment/regeneration of neglected urban spaces and creation of Erasmus boards with the activities of the project in the five secondary schools.


Cycling Without Age, A Key Goal.

Biciclistas de Corella and Alhama Secondary School have been giving rides jointly since December 2018. Newtown School has promoted CWA in Waterford and donated two trishaws to local nursing homes. One more partner, IES Tierra Estella, started a new CWA  chapter in June 2023 thanks to our project. Our common goal is to help to expand CWA among our partners and in our regions. 

We’ve given (Corella, Waterford and Estella combined) more than 700 rides to elders and people with disabilities. We’ve taken them to social events like concerts, exhibitions, talks, festivals, parades… Any excuse suits us, and them!, to go for a trishaw ride.  We plan to go on collaborating with our lovely elders in the future, not only through CWA but in workshops too: knitting, cooking, ICT (use of mobile phones and computers), arts and crafts…

European Union Fund

The project has been granted with 250.000 € as an Erasmus + project co-funded by the European Union.


“You receive more than you give”. A phrase that our volunteers repeat after each activity.


Some of our students act as ambassadors of the project, within their school and their friends.


More than a thousand rides for the elderly and disabled will take place during the project and beyond.

Trees Planted

Every partner will plant trees in their local area to compensate CO2.


Corella, Estella, Azambuja, Waterford, Dublin and Wodislaw Slaski.

Trisaw pilots trained

We train our volunteers to be able to pilot the tricycles and give rides the elderly or people with reduced mobility.


2022-2025 it is the period in which our goals will be met.

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