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In a nutshell, GenCy4In&ClimA is a partnership between five European high schools and two cycling advocacy associations. Our project aims at nurturing social inclusion and intergenerational relationships, and working on climate action and sustainable mobility topics. Our methodology is based on training Erasmus ambassadors (students and association volunteers who become change-makers) and developing strong relationships with local entities to strengthen our community-based approach.

Our Top Priorities


is a key priority of GenCy4In&ClimA project for the four participant countries. We plan to implement several climate-friendly activities: tree plantations, sandwich wrappers for waste-free snacks, clean-ups along river banks and during PE lessons, green garden and tree nursery, climate action weeks… Two LTTs (Learning/Training/Teaching trips) are directly linked to climate action. These will take place in Corella (March, 2023) and Estella (June, 2025), both cities located in the region of Navarre, Spain


Intergenerational relationships are paramount in GenCy4In&ClimA project. We aim at collaborating and mingling on a frequent and regular basis with elders and people with disabilities. Events involving adolescents from the five schools, two associations and elders will enable fruitful synergies. Some examples of activities to promote intergenerational relationships are Cycling Without Age (CWA) rides, CWA pilot training courses and meetings, cooking, knitting and other courses, etc. Waterford LTT (Ireland) will be directly linked to our intergenerational relationships priority.


Sustainable mobility and, more specifically, cycling advocacy, is a core goal for our Erasmus project. We have two partners ( in Ireland and Biciclistas de Corella in Spain) focused on promoting cyclabilty. There are a number of initiatives we plan to organize: advocacy meetings with local and regional institutions, signposting new cycling and walking trails, bike trips and hikes, “A whole life cycling” award…  Our LTT trip to Dublin (October 2024) is closely linked to cycling promotion.

SOCIAL Inclusion

is a priority in our project. Our goal is to give opportunities to collaborate and interact to people of all ages, races, backgrounds, religions… We plan to organize several activities to promote social inclusion: Sustainable Development Goals events, embellishing neglected urban areas and Erasmus boards in the five schools. Two LTTs (Azambuja, Portugal, in October 2023 and Wodzislaw Slaski, Poland, June 2024) will be closely related to the social inclusion goal.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It



OUR FUTURE HEADQUARTERS AND MEETING POINT, JUST PAINTED!!!Harold Mosquera, our favourite painter, has already painted our "caseta" in La Estanca. Thumbs up to him!!!More From This Category14 new kilometers of RUSCA, the «Healthy and Cultural Alhama Route»We have...

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Plant a Tree

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Save a Life

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