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Fashion show by Ángel Bienzobas


One of the Erasmus activities I enjoyed most was the fashion show. It consisted of buying clothes in second-hand stores (charities mostly) with a budget of just € 50. What made this activity even more relevant, meaningful and inspiring was the fact that the thrift stores we shopped at donated their proceeds to charities.

It was a very fun and rewarding experience. Working as a team allowed us to get to know each other much better and even make new friends. Something that was very comforting was knowing that all that money we had spent was going to be donated to a good cause. Finally the cat walk was truly amazing, we had a lot of fun.

We all knew there was going to be a winning group, but we didn’t care as we had all gained something more important: good memories and new friendships. I’m sure we’ll all remember that day forever.

Written by Antonio Peña de Marcos

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