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First LTT in Spain. Day 3, Alfaro

24-km bike ride along RUSCA to Alfaro

 We rode to Alfaro on Sunday, May 21. It was a beautiful and flat route (RUSCA) along Alhama river. RUSCA stands for “Alhama River Healthy and Cultural Route”. Fifty people rode to Alfaro, an 11,000-inhabitant town in La Rioja, just 10 kms from Corella.

Once we got to Alfaro, we visited the “Stork Center”. Alfaro is famous for a huge church, Colegiata de Santa María, the most stork-crowded building in the world. There are more than 100 nests and 500 storks there. The viewpoint is jaw-dropping.. Unbelievable!!!

Once we rode back to Corella, the teachers went to have lunch in Villa María and the students stayed with the families and enjoyed a the rest of the day with them: some went bowling, some visited landmarks in Tudela, some stayed in Corella… 

The teachers visited a never-ending cherry orchard, a winery in Murchante and did a quick visit to Las Bardenas, the northernmost desert in Europe. One more eventful and fun day!

Written by Antonio Peña de Marcos

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