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First LTT in Spain: Day 4, Villa María and farewell party!

A short summary of farewell day in Corella

The last LTT day was, not surprisingly, very eventful, hectic but absolutely exciting day. We started… tada! riding our bikes to Santiago’s allotment. Santiago is a 91-year-old man who takes care of two allotments just 1 km away from Corella. He showed us his veggies, mixed-trees orchard, his tricks… It was a great opportunity to learn from a very experienced farmer.

Then we rode to El Villar, a sanctuary very close to the high school . Biciclistas turned its parking lot into a recreational area with 342 trees, 12 picnic tables and some bike racks. What a great idea!

We spent the rest of the morning and noon in Villa María: first, a biochar workshop with Eva Calleja, then we set the bird houses, insects hotel and colourful bikes. Finally, each partner decorated one barrel with their logo, signatures, drawings, brief dedications…

We had lunch in Villa María: barbecue, cherries… Then, we went back to Corella to visit a festivals posters exhibition. We hopped on the bikes (again!!!) to visit ADISCO, a company that manufactures candles and has 97 employees with disabilities. The last surprise of the day was a quick visit to a warehouse where the giants are stored. Kids from the school got inside the “giants” and danced with traditional music. It was, as some of us experienced afterwards, so difficult to dance with the giants.

The last day and our first LTT in Corella finished with the farewell dinner and party. The families participated and some Ereasmus students too, Overall, around 80 people. We had finger-licking tapas and, to top it all, some students sang and played instruments. Alejandra’s singing was very moving and… world-class!!!  


Written by Antonio Peña de Marcos

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