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First LTT in Spain. Day 1, Corella

A brief summary of day 1!!

The first day of our LTT in Corella was hectic, exciting and fun. We started with the presentations in Alhama High School.

Then, a quick visit to the institute, stopping more in what we did in the previous Erasmus: panel, bike repair station, bike room, MetroMinuto… Later on, a quick visit to the school premises, stopping longer in the Erasmus places: bike room, Erasmus, MetroMinuto, bike repair station… Then, we went to the town hall, where they gave us the typical red bandanas that people wear in Fiestas, the local festivals. 

Next, the guides of Corella showed us the church of San Benito, San Miguel and the models of the best historic buildings in the city. They told us very curious anecdotes. San Miguel Church, so rich and baroque, was absolutely impressive and jaw-dropping. We finished the morning making potato omelet in the vocational school with FP students.

The afternoon was also very intense: we started with a visit to an allotment in Corella: asparagus, artichokes, peppers, tomatoes… Then, the Erasmus Park, where we sat on its pergola and read the boards, saw the insects hotels and picnic tables. Later on we went to the Estanca, an irrigation pond one kilometer from Corella, and we met in Villa María, a farm with a cottage, trees and allotment that a lady has lent to Biciclistas de Corella for school and nature activities, a gathering for CWA and elders, etc. There we did a scavenger hunt in mixed pairs (an orienteering race with questions about the Erasmus project). So fun! At the same time, a plastic arts teacher painted a mural of Corella on the wall of the cottage and six people with disabilities were given rides with trishaws by CWA pilots.


The first day ended with a welcome dinner. The families brought their homemade specialties: croquettes, empanadas, tapas, cheesecake… The party went on with music and all the students dancing. What an eventful and exciting first day!

Written by Antonio Peña de Marcos

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