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by | Nov 9, 2022

10 kms walking in the first intergenerational excursion

We’ve gone walking from Cervera to Aguilar de Río Alhama (10 kms) in the first intergenerational excursion (October 30). 20 people and Coco, a dog, have participated in the walk. We took the bus at 9:25 in Corella and we were in Cervera at 10:00. 13 IES Alhama students, 6 adults and a 3-years-old girl walked 10 kms and enjoyed the excursion thoroughly. Bedides, we visited the remains of Contrebia Leukade, a Celtiberian village. We had lunch in Inestrillas, a 30-inhabitant village, and took the bus in Aguilar at 14:40. What an entertaining and memorable day!

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