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Cycling Waterford Greenway by Elaine Acosta


My name is Elaine Acosta and I’m writing an account of the cycling outing we did in Waterford on July 25. The plan we had was to cycle 46 kms and rest only once for lunch.
As soon as we started pedalling a rainstorm surprised everybody. Luckily, we could take shelter in a tennis club where we prayed that the rain wouldn’t stop and we didn’t have to cycle almost 50 km. Our joy was short-lived, though. After 20-25 minutes of heavy rain, it cleared up and we went on cycling.
The greenway was a very pleasant asphalt track with a lot of vegetation around and nice views of the sea, Irish green landscape… It was so beautiful. When we were approaching the restaurant, a new downpour, even heavier than the previous one, started. Most of us took shelter in time, but the last group of 8 adults and students got soaking wet, Chifly specially! It was worth watching! We were observing from a roofed terrace that got almost flooded in a couple of minutes.
After eating and resting for more than an hour, we continued with the torture on wheels, and if I am not mistaken we had already half a route done. I fell down and, for a long stretch, Ainhoa Pozo accompanied me, cycling at a  slower pace. We took some pictures with some cute cows and we were very liucky to enjoy a magnificent rainbow!
When de cycling route ended, we all were very tired but at least it was an incredible experience.I doubt many of us would repeat the route, though.

Written by Antonio Peña de Marcos

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