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A big group of our high school students took part in a very special weekend in Corella and Fitero on 2nd and 3rd September. The activities were organized by “Biciclistas de Corella, with the help of 3 cyclist associations from Guipúzcoa: Gurpil Artea (Rentería), Balazta (Irún) and Kalapié (San Sebastián). 

It was a weekend filled with activities. On Saturday we received theoretical training from “yayacleta” pilots, with 11 participants (four of whom were IES Alhama students). As it was raining, we had to put off the practical lessons for another time. Meanwhile, a different group did handcrafts with our friends from Gurpil Artea, who taught us how to make wallets, butterflies, keyrings, etc, using bike inner tubes. The weaver ladies also took part in the workshop. In addition, we participated in the “Gold sprint” challenge, with two stationary bikes and a screen. The person who could ride faster won the challenge, which was shown on the screen.

On Sunday, 23 people defied the rain (36 litres fell on Saturday), and we went to Fitero by bike or on foot. There, we were received by Jesús Sanz, an 88-year-old man who keeps all kinds of agriculture tools: threshing machines, harvesters, field tools, etc. We really hope the village of Fitero will use all these treasures, which, in the right building, can be used to establish an ethnographic museum.