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   Alhama High School is a secondary school in Corella, an 8,000-inhabitant village in Navarra, Spain. The school building was a boarding school of the Combonianos congregation  (Italian missionaries) for 25 years (1956-1981). The school started as a vocational school, depending on ETI school in Tudela, in 1981 with just 108 students and it was located in Laurel Street. As more students registered and more studies were implemented, Alhama High School moved to 44 El Villar Avenue in 1990. The school has more than 600 students and 72 teachers currently.

   Alhama High School has Secondary (ESO) and Bachillerato studies. In addition, a Basic Vocational Training in Cooking. The school has a strong commitment to foreign languages  teaching (English and French), complementary and extracurricular activities and the comprehensive education of students. In recent years, IES Alhama has been opening up to the community, collaborating regularly with the town council, social services, the nursing home, local associations, etc. This new approach benefits the students, the school, and the local community and enriches the learning process.

The school cluster is situated in Azambuja, a region belonging to the “Ribatejo” region in the Lisbon district. We are responsible for the state educational offer from the kindergarten to the 12th Year. At the secondary level it offers regular and vocational courses and adult education.

The motto of our School Educational Project is From all, with all and for all. Our main objective is the creation of an inclusive, interventive and responsible  school community so that the Azambuja School Cluster can be regarded as a reference of quality and success.

We value the interaction with the environment and the community by promoting partnerships, encouraging autonomy and fostering innovation and by offering a solid preparation for both for university education and the inclusion in the work market. We respect the right to difference, multiculturality, solidarity and freedom as assets for learning and for an active citizenship.

  Biciclistas de Corella is a grassroots association created in 2005 that promotes cycling as a means of transport and for leisure time. We’ve implemented countless activities such as excursions, cycling infrastructures, and advocacy initiatives. We usually organize outings that combine cycling, culture, heritage and nature. We started  “Sustainable Mobility, Sustainable Community” in 2018, an Erasmus project that brought Cycling Without Age to Corella. Thanks to CWA, we have given more than 500 rides on tricycles to elders and people with disabilities. is the federation of cycling advocacy groups in Ireland which currently comprises 35 member groups including: cycling campaign organisations, bike festivals, greenway groups and special focus groups (such as Cycling Without Age). The full list of 35 groups can be read here was founded in 2008 when it had just 7 member groups, while the history of its oldest groups (such as Dublin Cycling Campaign, Galway Cycling Campaign and Cork Cycling Campaign) goes back to the early and mid-1990s. Legally, is part of Dublin Cycling Campaign CLG (as explained here).’s vision is for “an Ireland with a cycle friendly culture, where everyone has a real choice to cycle and is encouraged to experience the joy, convenience, health and environmental benefits of cycling”.’s mission is “to celebrate, advocate for, encourage and enable everyday cycling as a means of travel and as a way to secure many health, societal, economic and environmental gains, as well as an enjoyable activity in its own right”.

You can know more about us and our strategic aims in our website.

 Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea BHI High School is a public secondary school located in Estella-Lizarra, a 14,000-inhabitant town in Navarra, Spain. As our region needed Bachillerato studies, a new school, Oncineda High School, was created in 1975. Currently, there are students from 84 villages of Tierra Estella region in our school, which provides a comprehensive education approach and has been, and is, key for our local community: several  sport clubs, theater and archeology started in Estella-Lizarra High School. A new  building was created to teach the Basque model. Our school has a focus on special needs students too. Respect and equality are core values for Tierra Estella High School. Besides, the Teacher Support Center (CAP in Spanish) is located in our facilities. Adult Education (ESO) is offered and there is also an Official School of Languages. 

Newtown School is a co-educational, multi-denominational Quaker school with approximately 400 students including both boarding and day scholars. Founded in 1798 by the religious Society of Friends, it provides a broad academic education allied with the benefits of a small school community. Situated on an 18-acre site in a city-centre campus with open green spaces, there are extensive sporting and music facilities and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Newtown welcomes students of all religious persuasions and none.

 What makes Newtown school different from other schools is the fact that Quaker education is not only concerned with examination results, but with the experiences that are not measurable, the discovery of the true self, nurturing confidence, independence and respect.

Newtown offers a coherent 6-year programme of secondary education, starting with Junior Cycle in Year 1, 2 and 3. This is followed by the start of Senior Cycle, Transition Year in year 4, leading to the Leaving Certificate Programme in year 5 and 6. Students are encouraged to achieve high standards across a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities. 


Zespół Szkół Ponadpodstawowych in Wodzisław Śląski is an Art and Secondary School with Bilingual and Integrative Branches. It offers three types of education – comprehensive with a bilingual and integrative branch as well as two types of artistic vocational ones. Depending on the profile students major at Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, journalism and foreign languages. 

Our school excels in the English language teaching. Some subjects like Maths, History, Education for Security, Entrepreneurship are taught in the English language bilingual system. To strengthen our students’ motivation and create a natural opportunity to speak foreign languages we have organized numerous exchanges, trips to England, Scotland, Norway, Ireland as well as Comenius and Erasmus projects for teachers and students alike. 

The school has a clear focus on integration in any field possible. Students with disabilities actively take part in the school life. We are open to cultural diversity and promote such an attitude among students through countless projects and school events organised together with our partner universities. 

Our Project

In a nutshell, GenCy4In&ClimA is a partnership between five European high schools and two cycling advocacy associations. Our project aims at nurturing social inclusion and intergenerational relationships, and working on climate action and sustainable mobility topics. Our methodology is based on training Erasmus ambassadors (students and association volunteers who become change-makers) and developing strong relationships with local entities to strengthen our community-based approach.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Ángel Bienzobas on the fashion show

Ángel Bienzobas on the fashion show

Fashion show by Ángel Bienzobas  One of the Erasmus activities I enjoyed most was the fashion show. It consisted of buying clothes in second-hand stores (charities mostly) with a budget of just € 50. What made this activity even more relevant, meaningful and...

Students from Tischner in Waterford, Ireland

Students from Tischner in Waterford, Ireland

Students from Tischner in Waterford, IrelandFrom 22nd till 27th June, students from our school - Ania, Zosia and Natalia along with twoteachers took part in a trip to Waterford - a city on the south-eastern coast of Ireland. The tripwas part of the Erasmus+ project -...

First Erasmus Board and a walk for equality in Azambuja

First Erasmus Board and a walk for equality in Azambuja

New Erasmus Board in AzambujaFIRST ERASMUS BOARD The Portuguese Erasmus Board was designed and created by students from our special unit. Congratulations to teachers, staff and students! It looks amazing!   WALK FOR EQUALITY On the 9th of November 2022, the...

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