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Estella`s First Rides

by | Jul 5, 2023 | TIERRA ESTELLA

Estella’s First Rides

The story of our tricycle, our “yayacleta” in the IES Tierra Estella-Lizarraldea BHI is a reality since June 2023, thanks to the Erasmus project: GenCy4I&ClimA: Pedaling for inclusion and climate action; to the Institute and the APYMA of our center.

June 12th, Monday

We walked 77-year-old Maria Jesús and 87-year-old Maritxu, who were delighted and enjoyed a delicious ice cream during the walk. Three PE teachers (Cristina Pinillos, Aroa Fernández and Libia Lara) and our student Marta accompanied the lovely ladies.

June 13th, Tuesday

We walked 91-year-old Cristina and 96-year-old Elena. We had the company and support of Leire Alcalá (ANASAPS), Marta Pascual (EF teacher of the IES) and the great Miguel Arrastria, our favorite mechanic, who accompanied us with the bikes during the ride.



Written by Cristina Antón

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