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Sunday morning we met at the school at 9 to get a bus to Paul de Manique to see the biodiversity around us. We learned about different sediments in that area and the species living there. Unfortunately it started to rain. We visited the church and learnt about the history of Manique.After, we took the bus back to the school in Azambuja to eat our lunch.

We played some games while we waited for everything to be set up. Next, the teachers helped put some plants into the map┬áplant holder then we moved over to the garden and planted some vegetables in honor of the GenCy4In&ClimA eramus project. After that, to promote inclusion, we did some challenges to see what it would be like to be in a disabled person’s shoes, for example sitting in a wheelchair and going around an obstical course.

At the end of the day every school presented what they did so far for this program.

After it all, we had some free time in Azambuja which was really nice because we got to see the area. And we are very grateful to have this opportunity in Portugal. Erasmus projects are cofunded by the European Union.

Julia & Audrey