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Intergenerational connections and cycling hold significant importance in both our daily lives and our Erasmus project, Generations Cycling 4 Inclusion & Climate Action. To gain a deeper insight into the older generation, a team from our Erasmus+ program, accompanied by two teachers, embarked on a second cycling journey to the ‘Maja’ retirement home in Wodzisław Śląski.

During this visit, our students had the privilege of engaging in meaningful conversations with the elderly residents, valuing the wealth of knowledge that the older generation generously shared with them. We also seamlessly integrated our visit with the annual National Reading Day, a cherished event that has been celebrated in Poland for the past 12 years. This event encourages people to immerse themselves in one of the finest classics of Polish literature. This year’s selected masterpiece was ‘Nad Niemnem’ by Eliza Orzeszkowa, a literary gem that we had the privilege of reading excerpts from to the elderly residents. They truly cherished the opportunity to savor such exceptional literature.

Our students were treated to a wealth of captivating stories and anecdotes from our gracious hosts. I trust that this experience left an indelible mark on all those involved—our students, teachers, and the elderly individuals we visited. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for this enriching opportunity, and we fervently hope that it will serve as a lasting life lesson for our students.