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Today we visited a primary school in Radlin to talk to pupils about some really important global issues, such as pollution and consumerism. We wanted to learn how much kids know about the environment and the ways to tackle the problem of omnipresent rubbish.

First we met with a group of thirteen fourth-graders who listened carefully to our presentation on recycling rubbish as well as consumerism and the impact they have on our planet. The pupils knew a lot about the mechanisms of excessive shopping and we were really astonished how observant they were and what wise conclusions they could draw about human behaviour. We also wanted to teach the pupils how to reuse old objects instead of throwing them away. They enthusiastically followed
our lead in creating ornaments from old books that fell apart – a Christmas star ornament made from a page taken from a set book – that was fun!

Our next group were second-graders. Through hands-on learning experience they learnt how to sort out rubbish and reuse plastic caps to create really great toys. After a two-hour workshop we had a lot of snakes, some crocodiles and little funny figures. We hope reusing will become the pupils’ habit.