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Once again, Biciclistas de Corella has organised several events as part of the European Mobility Week. IES Alhama students have enthusiastically participated in the activities.

The events began on Saturday 16th with the presentation of “Cycling Without Age” (En Bici Sin Edad – EBSE) in Navarra, an international movement focused on elderly or mobility-challenged people which has been offering bike rides around Corella on our 3 “yayacletas” (our name for adapted tricycles) since 2018. ESBE / CWA arrived that year together with the Erasmus Project «Sustainable mobility, sustainable community», in which IES Alhama takes part as coordinator. Many teachers and students have become “yayacletas” pilots and have offered many rides throughout the years. Naturally, many IES Alhama representatives took part in this event on Saturday, especially students.

The event was also attended by the General Officer of Sustainable Transport and Mobility of Navarra’s Government, Ms. Berta Miranda Ordobás, who knew first hand about CWA / ESBE in Navarra thanks to Biciclistas, a pioneer and promoting organisation in Corella; IES Tierra Estella, the school that promotes this activity in Estella; and Recicleta Ribera, an association that sets the rides on yayacleta in motion in Tudela. The latter also presented the project at the Elderly Home Misericordia de Tudela, with the attendance of the President of Navarra’s Government, Ms. María Chivite.

On Sunday 17th new, original events took place, all around the issue of sustainable mobility. A big group of Erasmus students and elderly people went to Cintruénigo in the morning, some on foot, some by bike, in order to see the recently-built walkway under the Alhama bridge, which means a safe way to get to “Camino de la Huerta”, without having to cross the NA-160 road. There we were received with some lunch by Ángeles Garbayo, Environmental Technician for Cintruénigo Town Hall, who explained to us the reasons behind the building of the walkway, and told us about the new uses that are being planned for the Nature Interpretation Centre. 

Back in Corella, we celebrated the award «A life on a bike». It is the 12th award of this kind to be delivered, which highlights the trajectory of elderly unweary cyclists, such as 85-year-old Lidia Díaz, who received the decoration surrounded by her family, in a city preparing for their local festivities. Gonzalo Ortega and Paloma Fernández, two high-school students, interviewed the honoree and also attended the award ceremony together with their mates from the Erasmus group.

To finish the day, the “crochet bike” was presented, made by the weavers of Corella as part of the intergenerational activities promoted by the Erasmus Project. It is a collaborative work, led by the Egality Service, which made the weavers Resu, Inés, Daniela and Lidia join efforts, talent and art.