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Four students of 1st Year of Bachillerato, Nadya Rocha, Paloma Fernández, Pablo y Gonzalo Ortega, and a student from EASDI, Ángel Bienzobas (former student of IES Alhama), are participating regularly on the rides for the elderly and disabled people from Corella within the Erasmus Project “Generations cycling for inclusion and climate action”. Last year, we took 10 rides, and this year there have already been 3. Last weekend, our students took Amelia’s father (our IES cafeteria manager), Felix Jiménez, for a ride. On Monday 5th February, these students were interviewed by COPE radio programme “La Linterna”.

Here’s Nadya’s story, one of our riders:

Sunday 4th February:

Our 5th and 6th rides in 2024. On Sunday, there were seven riders with two “yayacletas” (rickshaws): Paloma, Ángel, Gonzalo, Pablo, Nicolás, Mila and myself, Nadya. We took Félix Jiménez and Rufina, both living at Corella’s elderly home. 

First, we went to Rufina’s house to pay her a little visit, but unfortunately, she wasn’t there. Afterwards, we had a nice ride towards and around “La Estanca”, enjoying the landscape and the nice morning weather.

In our group, there were three riders who still hadn’t had the chance to practice on the rickshaw, so Sunday was the perfect day to do it and start getting the hang of it for future rides.

The “yayacleta” morning ended at noon, leaving Rufina and Félix at the home on time for lunch. We were really glad to have such fine weather and be able to enjoy the ride as much as they did. They are a really cheerful couple.

MONDAY 5th February

At our ERASMUS meeting, we agreed who would go to the COPE Radio interview. We had never heard about the programme “La Linterna”, but Toño informed us that it is a classic on the Spanish radio, and Cristina Gallo told us that she worked at this radio station for eight years, in the Sports section. It is really interesting to know the experiences of people from other generations and to see the excitement on their faces while they are telling their stories.

At the home “Hogar San José”, there was a gathering of eight people from three different generations: Carmen Bienzobas Espelta, at her splendid 94 (“silent generation”), Cristina Gallo, Nicolás Arellano, Mila Gil and Toño Peña (generation X, nearly boomers, but in great shape) and, finally, the brothers Pablo and Gonzalo Ortega and myself, Nadya Rocha, representing generation Z. We got the call from the reporter of Cadena COPE radio and Cristina was the first to speak, telling them about “Cycling without Age” in Corella. Then Pablo, the interviewer, asked Carmen many questions, which she answered really well. Next, Mila Gil and Nicolás Arellano spoke about their wide experience riding the rickshaws. On behalf of the younger generation, Gonzalo came forward and explained what CWA Corella and the “yayacleta” rides mean to us, and how much we enjoy taking part in this activity. 

After the interview, Carmen, really glowing and unstoppable at 94 years old, asked: “Well, I guess we’re going for a ride now, aren’t we?” Said and done, our boomers took Carmen and a resolute stowaway that joined the group at the very last minute: Félix Jiménez. His wife Erenia had just said no, but he, sociable and cheerful as he is (we can see how Amelia got that from him!), raised his hand requesting a ride, and who could say no to that!

They later told us that it wasn’t a long ride, due to the late time, but they had plenty of time to see Diana Ayensa’s mural, at the parking lot behind the town hall. Carmen and Nicolás had a chat about the prison of Corella. She also asked the riders to take her to her house on Arrabal street.

One more day, bringing smiles on our “yayacletas”.