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Most schools aim to know, learn to respect and work to better the surrounding environment. As part of our Erasmus, Tierra Estella High School started a fruitful and unexpected collaboration with La Cruz Primary School in Allo, Navarra, on February 7th and 9th. This school called the transport and sustainable mobility department to find ways to teach their students about bike repairs. The department called Toño, our coordinator (an enthusiast cyclist himself) who contacted IES Tierra Estella teachers to organize a DIY bike repair workshop in Allo.

La Cruz Primary School is implementing a project with the students to get to know Allo (the village and its country) with QR information. Having working bikes and knowing how to fix them was paramount for La Cruz Primary School teachers and students.

Miguel Arrastia, an Erasmus and ANASAPS (an NGO focused on people with mental health issues) volunteer and mechanic Miguel Arrastia went with Cristina Pinillos, a former PE colleague, to teach the 3rd and 6th graders to repair their bikes. They learned how to remove a tire, change a tube, grease the chain, change the brake wire, and put on new brake pads. The experience was very entertaining and enriching thanks to Miguel Arrastia, who had the kids engaged and motivated.