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This past week, eight Erasmus ambassadors (Aitana, Luis, Noelia, Miguel, Sandra, Alae, Ayoub, and María) from 2nd,3rd, and 4th of ESO have been introducing our Erasmus to students from 1st of ESO so that they know the nuts and bolts of the project. To explain everything better we showed a presentation with the most important aspects: which countries are taking part in the project, which are the four work packages, which activities are included in each one, which are the main goals, how do we students contribute, our methodology (ambassadors and a strong and fruitful collaboration with local entities) and finally, which are the rewards.

We showed photos of all the international LTTs (learning-training-teaching meetings) to Corella (Spain), Waterford (Ireland), and Azambuja (Portugal). Besides, we informed the 1st ESO kids about the upcoming destinations to encourage them to join Erasmus as they could probably be part of one of these next trips. We received a very warm welcome and a positive attitude from all the classes and this made it an enriching and enjoyable experience.

María Jiménez Gil