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Today we woke up at the parish house and after having breakfast at the Motores Restaurant, we gathered with the cyclists, who were eager to enjoy this last stretch with us.To start, we visited the “Fire Crossing Site,” a place declared of National Tourist Interest and where the people of San Pedro celebrate the night of San Juan.Later, we set off towards Vea. The first thing we saw was a goat with a kid. During the journey, we were accompanied by the Linares River, and the birds cheered us with their singing.Once at our destination, we had lunch and discovered that Pedro, one of the hikers, spent part of his childhood in this valley. Although at 76 years old he lives in Zaragoza, he is originally from Peñaezcurna, the next village on the route. Two families lived there. At the age of 6, Pedro and 7 other children started attending school in Vea; they walked 6 km each day along a narrow path, no matter the weather. He also told us that he used to accompany his father to San Pedro Manrique, where they went by mule to sell goods. At the age of 9, they were offered money to leave the village, and they did not return for another 30 years. He told us, excitedly, that he hadn’t returned to the valley and Peñaezcurna since 1994. Oh, he also surprised us by saying that the photo used for all the posters of this excursion is from a window in his house.We couldn’t leave without seeing the school in Vea, about which he had spoken so fondly, so we made a stop there. Founded in 1899, we visited what remained of it, and fortunately, I was able to witness Pedro telling his grandson various anecdotes about the beginning of his school days.We continued towards Villarijo, a bit lost because Toño had taken the lead, leaving us to fend for ourselves. We crossed a stone bridge and passed through some challenging areas, which made the journey more exciting.We arrived at Villarijo, where we enjoyed our well-deserved meal, and part of the group visited a mill.We are now approaching our final destination, Cornago. For much of the way, we were so surrounded by plants and trees that it was almost overwhelming, although the views nature offered us afterwards were worth it. Shortly after, we had to make the most important (and fun) decision of the day: whether to cross the river or continue up the mountain, with its ups and downs. As you can imagine, there was no doubt, and most of us ended up soaked from feet to knees. To our surprise, it actually helped us, as our feet thanked us for that icy water.In the final stretch, we passed through Valdeperillo, although we were all eager to reach Cornago. It must be said that the last few kilometers were a bit tough, but we finally arrived successfully at Las Huellas bar, where, proud of ourselves, we stopped for a drink while waiting for the bus to take us back to Corella.And so end three days of beautiful trails and cultural visits. Hopefully, next year we’ll have a similar excursion.

Noelia Fernández Flores