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On the second day of the route, we departed from Fuentes de Magaña, where we spent the night at the Turístico Tierras Altas Hostel. Maite and Enrico served as our guides, who treated us to a delicious dinner the previous night (meatballs with tomato sauce).After descending along a very narrow trail with magnificent views, we arrived at Castillejo de San Pedro. It’s a small village where Sergio, who grew up there, showed us its most charming spots, from the church to the old school, sharing with us its history and anecdotes he remembers from his past in the village. There are lots of flowers, viewpoints, a threshing floor, and a beautiful meadow…After leaving Castillejo, we headed along another narrow trail to Sarnago. It’s a nearly uninhabited hamlet of San Pedro. A lady opened the Ethnographic Museum for us, thanks to which we learned about life in the past, from the most basic utensils and tools used in their daily lives to typical objects of that time.During the journey, we had anecdotes ranging from falls like Sando’s when he pulled out his wallet, making it clear that we need to watch our step. He says he’ll never take out his wallet again just in case it falls… Then we saw a ladder snake that scared a couple of girls a lot.Finally, we finished today’s route arriving at San Pedro de Manrique, where the priest (Toño) took us to the parish house to show us our rooms. Then we visited the Paso del Fuego Museum. Dinner consisted of mixed dishes and hamburgers at the Motores Restaurant.Many thanks to Enrico and Maite (route guides), Sergio (Castillejo guide), and Toño, the priest of San Pedro, for a day of enjoyment and instruction in equal measure.

Gonzalo Ortega Bermejo