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We’ve embarked on a three-day excursion (57 km) through the Highlands of Soria. Each day an ambassador will recount the hiking journey. Aitana Ayuso begins:”First day of the Erasmus route. We started in Suellacabras, which, despite having few inhabitants, is a very rich village. They are currently building a heated pool for its 25 inhabitants and the surrounding villages.We ventured into the Alhama Valley. Our first stop was the hermitage of San Caprasio. It was built in the 13th century and still has the cobblestones in good condition. Legend has it that the apostle James found refuge here while escaping from a dragon. Another interesting fact about this hermitage is that it is said to contain a stone that, if you step on it, you will find love soon (I know more than one person who was looking for it).On the way to Magaña, we took a journey into the past, encountering several ruined flour mills. We visited a hermitage with beautiful views of a meander of the Alhama. When we stopped for lunch, we found a jawbone that seemed to be from a wild boar in perfect condition.After a long trail among holm oaks, we reached our first destination, Magaña. There, we had a refreshment at the old school, which is now the Buenaventura bar, a place for book exchange and a meeting point for the whole village.We were eating on the bar’s terrace when the swarm of bees they have in the corner of the building got agitated and we all ended up in the fronton.Fernando Marín, the mayor of Magaña, opened and showed us the church and the hermitage of the village. It’s curious how much heritage it has and how well everything is taken care of.Around 15:00 we set off for our last destination of the day, Fuentes de Magaña. The stretch was a bit tough as it was all uphill and the trails very narrow but the valley is spectacular. It was worth climbing to the summit to find some very beautiful fields of yellow flowers (rapeseed).Before reaching Fuentes de Magaña, we came across a bed of rocks where dinosaur footprints could be seen, and we took photos with a life-size sculpture of one of the largest sauropods known.After walking a bit more, we finally reached our destination. There, we rested in a village bar where we played with some bicycles we found. Around 6 o’clock, we headed to the hostel where, after showering, we did several activities such as debates and games organized by the 4th year high school ambassadors.To end this long day, we had salad and meatballs with tomato sauce, and then went to do karaoke and dance “Just Dance”. Now we’re going to rest to prepare for the next stage: Fuentes-Castillejo-Sarnago-San Pedro Manrique.” 

Aitana Ayuso Torres