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The mural that we undertook with Erasmus students at the beginning of September with Diana Ayensa, a former student, architect and bioconstructor, has finally been completed. Many Erasmus boys and girls spent seventeen afternoons in September and October devising, designing, drawing and coloring the mural with Diana’s invaluable coordination and good work. It all started with a brainstorm at the youth center that inspired the kids to draw the first motifs (heart with branches, bicycle wheel that looks like a sun…) that ended up being part of the mural. The following afternoons were dedicated to collecting soil from different places in Corella (Araciel, Guarre…) and making mixtures with the pigments provided by the different types of soil. From there, they drew the various motifs (hourglass, water tap, dry land…) and finished by coloring the mural. Of course, the last details, shading and touch-ups were given by Diana Ayensa. Congratulations to the Erasmus students for a mural full of meaning, natural and local color and art and to Diana Ayensa for having led a creative process that has been tremendously inspiring and enriching for our kids.